• Laugh ... ( Caly S )


     Laughing for everything, for nothing, laughing in the midst of tears

    When life seems impossible to wear .

    Laughing despite the pain in the midst of the din

    When the days that pass by leave us disarmed .


     Laugh to be beautiful, without thinking about the face

    Betrayed by the years and the marks of time .

    Laughing to be crazy if not wise

    To feel again a child .


     To laugh when one hurts, and never surrender,

    To shake the pains so as not to succumb .

    Laughing, gritting your teeth, laughing to defend yourself

    Against the blows of the spell and not to sink .


     Laugh lovingly, just because we love,

    Enjoy these moments of unforeseen happiness .

    Laugh to thank the fate that sprinkles

    The seeds of hope up to sight .


     Laugh alone or together without trying to understand

    Without finding an excuse or asking why .

    Laugh without restraint, and be surprised,

    Let her tears flow ... they are filled with joy ...

    ( Caly S ) 

    Laugh ... ( Caly S )



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